Transformice Cheat Sheet


transformice Cheat Sheet

/ if no username is given. /t*, /tc or /mt Opens tribe gta 5 Online Best Jobs For Money Work chat in a new tab /inv username Invites the user to your tribehouse. /ips Shows in the upper left corner of the game screen, the frame rate per second and current data in MB / s download. Otherwise, the command will not work. (sorry this is the same as last year). See Object IDs below!addspawn id x y num angle xv yv Spawns a shaman object at this point every second!removespawns Stops objects from!addspawn spawning!map Sets any map you want!map event Load a random event map Object IDs Edit Main article: List of objects. There are three maps: sports, geography, and dance map. Technical stuff Command Effect /ping View your ping. Multiple mice can be selected. Some descriptions of version updates were kept for months and the descriptions were removed.291. The comments section on this page is not for posting suggestions, as the Transformice Wiki is not affiliated with or monitored by Atelier 801 staff. As you notice the new Easter event is in and so is a new event! Was removed because option was moved to the options menu. /parrain Opens up the referral window.

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Only registered users may edit this page. To make this real simple for all of you: On any normal map you are going to collect either a horseshoe, pot o gold, or a lucky 4-leaf clover. You must be in totem editor for it to work. Vanilla Sugar: 3 vanilla, 8 sugar. /defilante3) /editor or /editeur Sends you to the map editor. So neverwinter Hacks 2019 feel free to check out last year posts to find out what has happened. This year you get to drive a carnival float! However, it is not as easy as it sounds, these new relics can bring some mayhem as well. (Unlocked after saving 1000 mice.) / mulodrome Starts a team-based racing map (max 10 mice). / totem Sends you to the totem editor.

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/fontsize # # is a positive whole number (default 12) /music or /musique number Play a video while enjoying maps. In each map you will complete a different activity to earn Either F notes (failed) or A notes (passed). /calendar username Opens a user's Adventure Calendar (they need to be in the same room for it to work or opens yours if no username is given. _ Silvarhalo, crepe cooking cheat sheet, maple Syrup: 9 maple syrup, 2 lemon. /fps60 Technical stuff Switch between 36 fps mode and 60 fps mode manually. /friend, /amigo, /ami, /vriend or /freund username Adds the user to your friends list. Thus, you can no longer wallclimb.

Transformice Cheat Sheet - Chat command Transformice

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Ck2 Tyranny Mod Lastly, on the geography map, you will need to you will have to click the country they are asking for, to get an A note. Silvarhalo Back to school event! Moreover, the time (sand clock) is a timer, easy Anti Cheat Lighting Service Exe representing the that time is running out while you are playing, this makes every action you do extra slow. Well good luck mice. /clavier Change between English and French keyboard.
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  2. Post to Cancel d bloggers like this. Now this event is an annual event which comes back every year. These notes can be traded in for prizes at a different place. #utility0tribe name, anyone may enter, but only tribe members have power.
  3. /cips Shows a graph with skate 3 Gliches And Hacks the current frame rate per second. Below is a full list of commands supported.