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Modu becomes an issue for the actual AU servers, because they connect to an epic looking 100 slot server. Australians/Kiwis don't play on US servers for most of their gaming, simply due to ping, we're in a weird spot when it comes to internet cables running under the sea as well as ISP's not buying lots. I get that your trying to ensure your community is seen around the world where steam server browser isn't helping much, this would be fine in Australia/NZ IF our net/ping wasn't so terrible, as playing on SUP would be fine for DarkRP. Should just have said they are mirror servers on the server names but that could make less players play on that server. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I worked pretty hard and spent quite a bit of my own money (on top of donations) to keep it #1 and to ensure players had content, when I left the Darkrp community in Aussie was in dire need of content refresh. So yeah, that's the impact, the #1 server in AU suddenly gets pushed down to #2 (which is fine) and the community is redirected to the US and slowly realise it's crap joining SUP with lag and come. So if something takes more then 2 mins to download, lots of people disconnect and play something else usually. SO if your saying theres no impact to AU community, sure I can agree, but for AU in particular, theres no reason to ensure your server is viewable here as people don't really like to connect. But heres the points people have missed or don't say which is key for you to understand SUP/Beast - Gmod is popular in Australia for gamers, not so much in New Zealand - Most of Australia run on poor. So what does this mean in terms of this thread? BTW im pretty sure if an actual company did something like this there would be lawsuits out the ass." :bullshit:"the Commander;50817876Yes the AU tag has been removed but he did not replace it with US. The way US DarkRP servers are run are very different to Aussie/NZ servers and suddenly theres this disconnect. Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds. You might have better setup/content and slots then the #1 server in the AU, but it's all worthless if your ping is 400. Word of mouth is king here from regular players. A few points that a few people on both sides of the fence have missed, I use to run Poseidon Servers DarkRP for 1-2 years, I handed over "manager" of this to another player when I started finding the community.
superior Servers Gmod Content

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As you say, competition is good, but it has to be clash Of Clans Save File Hack Android real competition. goodjob:"great Dog;50818140:bullshit" :what: Its easy to see why you are banned, i looked at your posts and wow, he managed 58 posts before getting banned? Since I left the games picked up and the current manager has done pretty well to maintain #1 in AU for darkrp.
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superior Servers Gmod Content