Saints Row 2 Infinite Respect Cheat


saints Row 2 Infinite Respect Cheat

finish off Maero in the arena, use some of the rockets to blow up all the trucks except for his. Hi Fidelity (15 points Find all CDs in Stilwater. Walk up to that person, and throw them off the cliff to get the "Going The Distance" achievement. Purple Haze (15 points Complete all levels of Drug Trafficking. It does damage and knocks him down. The weapon must be in the cache to get unlimited ammunition. Crib customization (15 Successfully complete Mayhem, Level 6 in Red Light District. Style bonuses increase this total. News helicopter: Successfully complete Sons Of Samedi, Mission. Food and Liquor store (15 Successfully complete Septic Avenger, Level 6 in Red Light District. Cowboy Hat: Successfully complete all races in Stilwater. Phone Sex (20 points Called Tera as a homie. Crime Lord (50 points Complete all levels of all activities. When a mission is started, one level of Respect is deducted from the Respect meter. When scoring a direct hit, he will go on one knee and stay down. Duke of Stilwater (10 points Find all stunt jumps in Stilwater. Traffic cone hat: Get a "3 Gold Star" rank in Vehicle Surfing. Defeating Akuji To kill Akuji in the teahouse, anno 1602 Ad Cheats use LT to counter his attacks.
  1. GAL 43: Successfully complete Snatch, Level 3 in Downtown. Tornado attack helicopter: Successfully complete the final mission of the Ultor epilogue. Your Question, please give as much detail as possible.
  2. Pot Luck (25 points Complete all Samedi missions in co-op. MVP (25 points Win the Co-op competitive mission game 5 times. Still Addicted to tha Row (20 points Play Saints Row 2 in single player or co-op for a combined 50 hours. Super Taxi: Successfully complete all taxi missions.
  3. You can then shoot him until he is defeated. Crib customization (5 Successfully saints Row 2 Infinite Respect Cheat complete Mayhem, Level 3 in Red Light District.
  4. Add Police Notoriety (1 star to police wanted meter) #4, player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall) #5, infinite Sprint #6, unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs) #9, infinite Ammo #11, heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward). Note: Do this quickly before he runs away.
  5. Reduced bullet damage (15 Successfully complete Heli Assault, Level 6 in Bario. At the correct moment, do a wheelie, and when both of the tires are on the wall, hold Up and hit the gas.
If you do a lot of side-missions and totally ignore the main story - it will take a lot longer to obtain. I played 4 prologue missions then spent about 400 hours just having fun. Infinite Respect around. HOW to get infinite respect., Saints Row 2, questions and answers, PlayStation. Saints yacht: Successfully complete all boat events. After collecting the saints Row 2 Infinite Respect Cheat money, go back to your garage, and get the truck again. Use the stun grenades located around the pillars to separate him and Shaundi, then just run up and shoot him. Pumped up (more increased melee damage Successfully complete Fight Club, Level 6 in Arena. Saints Row: The Third Edit Story missions do not require Respect, but instead award Respect, which is used to unlock Upgrades, which are purchased with Cash.