Gmod Titanic Map


gmod Titanic Map

in the water. Another way to sink! In old map and v2 trigger_hurt works very good on my PC and server also on another servers. Browse, useful Links 2019 Adam Burton. Pros - Good Exterior Desing. Decks: 0 Half flooded part. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Is there any bug with trigger hurt? 11 (1,631) Online 709 (151,593) Active. Cons - Interior design can improve, with better mapping and more detail. I wanted to say, that I will make interior more detail and it will bigger. 3-4 gmod Titanic Map Build deck 5 Lobby,lifeboats,jail 6 C-class rooms(6),bowling 7 B-class rooms(4), restaurant, first aid. Knijn, redistributor, are you the owner? Now you can unsink this in normal version and stop and set speed!

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Trigger_hurt (Nuke) bugged (No kill in gta V Cheats Ps4 Spawn Tank the Spawn) - The map needs teleports if the zombie dies begins in the spawn. 1-2 Gargo, engineroom, utility. It is a new map, it does not have to resemble the ze_titanic old. Comment - Classic and simple map could upload to a server, if these 'errors' are fixed. 9 A-class room, stage,command bridge. Now i have 8-Core 4GHz cpu and another things. 8 Shops(gunshop,foodshop, junkshop,free room for your shop library. This is rolaplay and build map in the ship!


Play five nights AT freddy S 2 IN gmod! NEW Gmod Five Nights At Freddy s 2 Map (Garry s Mod). This version v2 is only fixed old map, some new things. Interior of this map was created on old slow 1-core.2GHz. Request Ownership, this work is licensed under. The admin can sink this ship in the small admin room. Where are the admin room?

Garry s Mod

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Gmod Titanic Map 283
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Gmod Titanic Map Elevator goes on floors 5-9. Why i gmod Titanic Map have wireframe problems? The sinking system is litle buggy.
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  2. ImmortalKyodai and I play. Gmod, and attempt to successfully complete challenges sent in by our fans! Watch as we do all sorts of crazy challenges like rampi.
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  4. Gmod sinkable titanic Map!
  5. They will work for Captain Jack. We soon realize that the ship is slowly tilted, and water is leaking in! Download the map, my brother and I play, gmod, and set sail with the.
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