Dayz Mod Vehicle Map


dayz Mod Vehicle Map

pretty in any situation. It is effective at shielding the eyes from the sun. Ammo:.45 ACP Occurences: Military: Show on Map Mag IJ70 8Rnd Ammo:.380 ACP Occurences: Town: Village: Show on Map 30rd SG5-K Mag Detachable box magazine for SG5-K submachine gun. Holds up to 20 rounds.308 WIN. It has other uses as well. Variants: Black, Gray, Green, Red, White Occurences: Town: School: Show on Map Athletic Sunglasses Highly functional design that wraps around the head.

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Variants: Blue, Gray, Green, Red Occurences: Industrial: Coast: Show on Map Jumpsuit Pants Simple pants, used by janitors, handymen and workmen everywhere. If unopened, it will last two to five years depending on storage conditions. Not really protecting or helping in any way. Occurences: Military: Police: Town: Village: Show on Map Medical Bandage A roll of non-sterile gauze bandage. Occurences: Industrial: Town: Show on Map Utility Buttpack Relatively small pack. Occurences: Military: Show on Map Combat Sights Standardized rail-mounted, non-magnifying optics with battery-powered illuminated reticle designed for M4-A1 assault rifle. Used for powering various small appliances like flashlights and radio transceivers. Posted by, discussion 0:00 0:00, settings, fullscreen 96 comments 99 Upvoted, what are your thoughts? Occurences: Police: Prison: Show on Map Handcuffs Steel handcuffs, useful for handcuffing your friends and foes. Variants: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Red Occurences: Town: Village: Show on Map Hoxton Mask Occurences: Town: Village: Show on Map Hunter pants Durable pants, designed for prolonged periods of time spent outdoors. Occurences: Industrial: Farm: Village: Show on Map Sea Chest A spacious storage box. Occurences: Police: Farm: Town: Village: Hunting: Show on Map.308 WIN Rounds.308 WIN full power cartridge.
dayz Mod Vehicle Map
dayz Mod Vehicle Map


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Variants: black, Brown, darkBrown, green Occurences: Farm: Village: Hunting: Show on dayz Mod Vehicle Map Map Dark Moto Helmet Variants: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Lime, Red, White Occurences: Industrial: Town: Village: Show on Map Denim Jacket A denim jacket, tightly fitting and fashionable. Ammo:.45 ACP Occurences: Military: Show on Map Mosin 91/30 Compensator A muzzle device for Mosin 91/30 rifle. Ammo:.62x54mm Rounds Magazines: Internal Box, 5Rnd Clip Variants: Black, Camo, Green Occurences: Town: Village: Hunting: Show on Map BK-133 Six shot pump action shotgun fed from internal magazine.