Contra Nes Emulator Cheats


contra Nes Emulator Cheats

Replay Codes, this cheat requires the. The Contra game on the NES / Nintendo Entertainment System is a very challenging game and can be quite frustrating at times, Hopefully using the below cheats and codes will help you to beat this game. You can basically use any of the codes listed under the Action replay codes Game Genie Codes sections, you simply need to enter the required code as per below. When you turn your machine on you will be displayed with the Action Replay / Game Genie cheat screen where you can enter the cheat codes above. While holding these buttons, press Start and immediately hold Select. Pro Action Replay cheat device. On the title screen, press Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, A then. Sltiyg Become invincible- enemies don't shoot at you. This time around, there will be more enemies. Jump To : Contra Game Genie Codes, to active the cheat code you want launch the Emulator application and load contra Nes Emulator Cheats your game, Then click on the cheat menu Game Genie, Pro-Action Replay Codes. Answer : These are hardware cheat devices which plug directly in to your NES / Super Nintendo then your game plugs in to the Action Replay / Game Genie device. Choose a platform:3DODreamcastGame BoyGame Boy AdvanceGame Boy ColorGame Systemnesnintendo 64Nintendo DSPlaystationPlaystation 2Playstation PortableSaturnSnes9X.51Super nesvirtual BoyWindowsXboxXbox 360Zsnes/Snes9x. Keep these buttons held down until the credits end and you will see a message from Red Falcon. You will need a Action Replay or Game Genie to use the cheats listed on this page. On the title screen, hold B and A and press Start to access the sound test. Effect, code, infinite Lives for Player, infinite Lives for Player, player 1 always has Normal Gun with Rapid Fire 0000 AA10. Cheats are user contributed and may or may not work for you. Answer : All the cheats listed on this page have been tested. You will then continue playing from the start again shadowgun Dead Zone Hack Gold Box but with harder enemies. Sound Test (Japanese version only) - Hold A and B while pressing start. On the next screen enter the cheat code in Enter Cheat Code field, Then add a description and click on add then click ok to close this screen. . Geiixz Start new life with laser. Leiixz Start new life with spread gun.
  • Unlimited lives, when "Jungle" appears on the demonstration screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, A, B, Select then Start to get unlimited lives. Site Search, contra, slaiuz Start with infinite lives, gxiiux Keep weapons after losing a life.
  • Sltiyg Become invincible enemies dont shoot at you. We hope to add some codes soon. If done correctly, the stage select screen should appear. Answer : Yes Please visit the links below to view all the cheats we have. Player 2 always red Faction Guerrilla Cheats Pc God Mode Pc has Normal Gun with Rapid Fire 0000 AB10, player 1 always has Machine Gun with Rapid Fire 0000 AA11 Player 2 always has Machine Gun with Rapid Fire 0000 AB11 Player 1 always has Fire.
  • Hold Up on Controller 2 while Controller 1 is ducking. You can find a Contra NES walkthrough by clicking here Misc Contra NES cheats Cheat Information Question : Can I use all of these Contra NES cheats NES Cheats?
  • The cheat code will now be activated, please note with some codes need you to reset the game for the code to activate. Super Nintendo Cheats a-z Latest Posted Super Nintendo Cheats I hope this article on Contra Cheats Action Replay / Game Genie Codes has helped you. Help support this site by subscribing now.
  • Slaiuz Start with infinite lives. Jump To : Contra Action Replay Codes. Answer : We do not have any codes for the gameshark pro device. If you use these cheats or know of any cheats or codes I have left out please let me know about it by posting a comment below.

contra Nes Emulator Cheats

Contra Nes Emulator Cheats - Contra (NES)

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contra Nes Emulator Cheats Take Life From Partner. If you die in a two player game, hold down A and B simultaneously. If done cs Go Hile Kodu Wallhack correctly, you will receive a message from Red Falcon, vowing his revenge. Konami Code (Start With 30 Lives).