Cod Aw Gun Stats List


cod Aw Gun Stats List

CoD: Ghosts Weapon Stats: Charts, Comparison - Damage Nuclear Bomb Mod - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge I have heard many people wanting a list of all of the elite weapon variants in, cod Aw Gun Stats List call of, duty : Advanced Warfare, so why not do it on the official website. Having Better means that it is better than the other elite weapon in its class. Please do not argue in this guide, it is only for suggestions and stating typos. Here is a list of every weapon variant currently in, call of, duty : Advanced Warfare. This will be updated as more are discovered or added to the game. Call of, duty : Advanced Warfare has seen the introduction of multiple weapon variants of a single weapon. These variants, for the most part, have changes in their stats that from the base weapon. Steam Workshop : Superior Servers Content Sword Fighting Simulator Roblox Hack The following are the effects of the changes on the weapon variants. Weapon variants also return in, call of, duty : Infinite Warfare. List of all Elite. Weapon Variants (In Progress). I don t have the weapon unlocked so it won t tell me the exact stats.
cod Aw Gun Stats List
When choosing a gun, look at the "totality" of it, not simply its damage tf2 Wolfenstein Armor Cheats or rate of fire - specs and numbers don't tell the whole story. MK14, eagle Eye (Range 2, Accuracy 1, Mag Size -1, integrated Quickdraw Grip, disallows optics). G Advanced Arsenal pre-order/Season Pass bonus, aRX-160, steel Bite (.
  1. Use SMGs and shotguns in close quarters combat, heavy weapons and sniper rifles at long range, and custom ARs at close-medium to medium-long. Carbon damage 1, Accuracy -1 virtue (Accuracy 1, Damage -1) 223 Marksman (300 kills) fire Rate 1, Range 1, Damage -2). You can choose one primary and secondary weapon for you loadout - the primary can be fitted with two attachments and the secondary with one.
  2. Wrecker Marksman (300 kills) (Handling 2, Accuracy -2, Ghosts style iron sights). Fluted (Mobility 1, Accuracy -1 hair Trigger fire Rate 1, Accuracy -1). Modern Warfare Remastered, thanks to Den Kirson for this weapon chart and weapons stats first draft. Hole Puncher damage 2, Accuracy -1, Handling -1) Head Shot (Range 2, Fire Rate -2) Red Eye Coyote (Accuracy 1, Range 1, Fire Rate -1) Tactical (Range 1, Handling -1) Superlite ( Fire Rate 1, Mobility -1) Adapter (Handling. Bleeder damage 2, Fire Rate -2 grenadier (Integrated Grenade Launcher, Handling 1, Ghosts style rear iron sight, alternate front sight).
  3. HBRa3, bear Fist (Handling 2, Accuracy -1, Range -1, integrated Red Dot Sight). HBRa3, insanity (Damage 1, Fire Rate 2, Handling -1, disallows optics). Feeder (Magazine Capacity 3 rounds, Reserve Magazines 1, Handling -2). This is my list as it stands so far, with everything my friends medal Of Honor Allied Assault Cheats Pc Cheats or I have found, things I've seen in matchmaking lobbies, as well as the occasional post from reddit.
  4. (Damage 1, Accuracy 2, Mobility -1, Mag Size -2). The equipment in Advanced Warfare have been replaced with the wrist-mounted "Exo Launcher" that can be loaded with lethal and tactical projectiles. (Accuracy 2, Damage 1, Magazine Capacity -8 rounds, Mobility -1). These stats were taken from the PC game file World at WarMainiw_14.iwd. IMR, boar Strike (Range 2, Damage 1, Accuracy -2, Fire Rate -1).

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The Call of Duty wikia has them for. Ive been playing Advanced Warfare for a few days now and have spent some time testing out the weapons. I wanted to share some weapon knowledge with you all and start a discussion on competitive bans. The following weapons stats were gathered by hand, not from any kind of code, and two pre-launch patches ago.