Alt Code Chart


alt Code Chart

#8801; equivalent to ALT 37 #0037; percent ALT 60 lt; #0060;. Alt 0228 ä a nfs 2015 Money Glitch Free umlaut. Uppercase, lowercase, alt Codes, symbol, description, alt Codes, symbol, description, alt 0192, a grave, alt 0224 a grave, alt 0193. Not all codes work in all programs. A m Tutorial, char, aLT Code, hTML. A acute, alt 0225 a acute, alt 0194, a circumflex, alt 0226 a circumflex, alt 0195, a tilde, alt 0227 a tilde, alt 0196 Ä, a umlaut. ALT 0229 aring; option shift A lowercase a with ring / Nordic / Angstrom. Learn about your credit report, accounting, Excel, and more. Alt 0199, c cedilla, alt 0231 c cedilla, alt 0200. ALT 241 (0177) plusmn; #0177; plus or minus. This chart displays the ALT and html codes, both lower case and upper case, for letters in languages such as French, German, and Spanish. Some letters have html names, such as ( aacute. The html codes are used in web pages. But you can usually use the number portion of the ALT code preceded by # as well. The ascii or ALT codes allow the user to enter the character directly in programs, such as Word and Photoshop. Html Code, description, math Symbols, aLT 43 #0043; plus sign, aLT 45 minus; #0045; minus. Inverted question mark ALT 0161 iexcl; shift option 1 inverted exclamation point ALT 0139 (or 8249) lsaquo; left single angle"tion mark ALT 0155 (or 8250) rsaquo; right single angle"tion mark « ALT 0171 laquo; left double. As you will notice, some characters have two ALT code numbers. Return to the top Tutorials for Webmasters and Bloggers Popular Tutorials Find thousands of discounted overstock items at the Amazon Outlet. A m Tutorial, char, aLT Code, hTML Name Code.


AMV - Alt. For example, acute a could be written as #0225;. E grave, alt 0232 e grave Alt 0201 E acute Alt 0233 crossy Road Hack Ios Download e acute Alt 0202 E circumflex Alt 0234 e circumflex Alt 0203 E umlaut Alt 0235 e umlaut Alt 0204 I grave Alt 0236. Return to the top. ALT 0215 times; #0215; multiplication, aLT 246 (0247) divide; #0247; division, aLT 8800 ne; #8800; not equal to, aLT 126 (8764) sim; #8764; similar (tilde). ALT 0225 aacute; option E A lowercase a with acute accent, aLT 0226 acirc; option I A lowercase a with circumflex, aLT 0224 agrave; option A lowercase a with grave accent.

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Dead Rising 2 Cheats Infinite Ammo MAC, description, lowercase (MAC: means release keys before continuing). Instructions For Using the Code Charts. ALT 0227 atilde; option N     A lowercase a with tilde ?, aLT 0228 auml; option U     A lowercase a with umlaut/diaeresis, aLT 0230 aelig; option ' (single") lowercase ae ligature, aLT 0231 ccedil;.
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  1. Special, aLT, characters
  2. Note: Not all programs, applications and browsers will recognize all of the. Return to Main Page of Teds html Tutorial To obtain. Section: Websites Tutorial: International Letters Fabulous. Code Chart for International Letters (Diacritical Marks) for. PC and MAC alT html) Many special characters from Latin-based languages can be entered on an English keyboard by entering.
  3. To enter a code, make sure Num Lock is on, use the numeric keypad, and press the ALT key as you type the number. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning, at alt Code Chart no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.
alt Code Chart